About Us

Looking for an employer branding, talent and culture partner? Employer Branding Australia brings you specialist expertise, deep experience, proven passion... and unapologetic authenticity.

We’re a team of storytellers, researchers, strategists and talent marketers, who get out of bed to connect people through stories.

Our Purpose

We exist to shape better organisations, careers and lives. Authentic employer branding does that. Because connected people perform better. And because how you feel about your work affects so much - for you and your family.

In other words

Your workforce isn't your enemy. They're your army. Or, even better, they're your orchestra. We are obsessed with the powerful things that happen when the right employers collaborate with the right people. This critical collaboration drives the Australian economy and society... and has a major impact on all of our lives.

Our Values

  1. Integrity, always. (Do the right thing.)
  2. Fine’s not fine. (Push for great or don’t bother. It’s what sets us apart.)
  3. We travel together. (For good and for bad, it’s all of us. We care enough to invest and challenge.)
  4. We never fly Tigerair. Ever.

Our Story

Like any decent organisation, Employer Branding Australia was created because we are needed.

Mark Puncher founded the business in early 2018, determined to bring a fresh approach to employer branding... one that really does start with your people. Since then, we’ve experienced incredible growth and are proud to be recognised as the leading voice in employer branding across Australia. Most importantly, our clients are our biggest advocates. They love the journey and the results and we are so proud to partner with them.

Mark Puncher

Meet Our Chief Executive Officer

Mark Puncher has spent much of the last 22 years with one foot in talent attraction and the other in marketing.

He has run employer branding or marcomms operations in the UK and Australia for recruitment and media organisations including Employment Office, Guardian Jobs, Hobsons and TES Global. Mark lives and breathes talent marketing and loves helping fantastic, imperfect organisations bring your stories to life to connect with your current and future superstars.

When Mark isn't helping people shape their employer brands, his current hobbies include finger painting, 5am ballet and building dens. He also has strong beliefs about the importance of wine.

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