About us

Employer Branding Australia brings you specialist global expertise in recruitment, marketing and everything in between.

Our Purpose

To help fantastic, imperfect employers attract fantastic, imperfect people.

We're obsessed with the powerful collaboration between talented people and the progressive organisations they choose to work for. Our job is to bring those everyday stories to life to attract and engage your current and future workforce.

Our (highly) secret ingredient: Authenticity.

We bring the expertise, the objectivity and the energy to help you and your people celebrate who you are.

An Introduction to Employer Branding Australia

Hear from our CEO, Mark Puncher, on the importance of employer branding and
why we exist.

Hi. I’m Mark form Employer Branding Australia. I want to take a moment just to tell you why we exist and what we’re about as an organisation. Our purpose is pretty simple. It’s to help fantastic, imperfect organisations to attract fantastic imperfect people.

In 2018, you know, it’s not enough just to write some nice advertising copy or to, you know, put enough budget behind an advertising campaign. It’s about showing your ideal candidates why. Why you? Why are you right for them? Why are you a great choice? And you need to bring that to life through storytelling. And that’s what we’re obsessed with. We get out of bed to tell your stories in a way which really catches people’s attention and makes them want to explore joining you.

So how does it work? Well, we bring the energy, the experience, the focus and the objectivity to help you really capture your brand story and bring it to life to the people that matter most - to the people that you want to employ.

Our secret ingredient? Authenticity. It starts and ends with the truth, with who you are for good and for bad. Put yourself out there as a glossy, beautiful, perfect employer and you won’t get very far or you'll attract the wrong people with the wrong expectations. We help you understand who you are and be proud to show that and to show that in a powerful way which really captures the hearts and minds of the best people - the people that you want to employ. Because what’s more important in this world than authenticity?

Our Story

Like any successful organisation,
Employer Branding Australia was created because we are needed.

Mark Puncher founded the business in early 2018, keen to bring a fresh approach to employer branding... one that really does start with your people.

We get out of bed to discover and tell stories about great, everyday people in great, everyday organisations. There are so many of them! Ask us about 'the cleaner', 'the boat' and 'the milkshake strategist'.


To attract the best people, you need to understand them.

Loane: To me, going to work… its not a job. My name’s Loane and I’m a teacher.

Alex: My name’s Alex and I’m a copywriter and content creator.

Ros: I’m Ros and I’m a nurse.

Tom: I'm Tom. I’m a geologist.

Ros: So I work in emergency. Every day’s different which is what I like about it. You have to be ready for everything.

Loane: Our children are the most important thing there is and they need to have a strong foundation.

Tom: I used to work for a company of 5 and now I’m working for a company of 1400. You really feel like you’ve got the support of not just your team but the whole company is behind you backing your decisions that you make every day.

Tom: What matters most to me is definitely my family. My current role has a good balance.

Alex: I want to take every opportunity to learn as much as I can in my industry and really just develop all my skillsets.

Ros: I’m training at the moment so I’m doing my Masters in Nurse Practitioner which will expand my scope and my skills that I have.

Loane: I get a lot of satisfaction in knowing that I’ve made a contribution to these children's lives that I’ve had in my classroom

Ros: You know, most people have had someone that has been sick and it’s really, its quite a stressful time. So if you can make that easier for someone, it is very satisfying.

Alex: I really want to value the same values as my employers.

Tom: Yeah so the relationship I have with all the management is crucial for me. Being transparent not only with what they want from me but also what I want from them, three years, five years, ten years down the track.

Alex: I’m looking for a place where I really actually enjoy turning up every day.

Tom: Oh I have to be interested. I have to be challenged every day. And if I’m not, I get bored and I start looking elsewhere.

Ros: I often have doubts but I think that’s quite normal. There’s hard days and some days are better than others but I overall really enjoy it and I keep going back.

Our Standards

Our goal for every client is to be the best investment they ever made, and the partnership they value the most.

We promise:

  • To act with integrity, always
  • To challenge you, whatever the cost
  • To deliver what we promise, every time
  • To be obsessed with your journey

Otherwise, what's the point?

Why Choose Us?

You deserve a partner with the experience to understand, the expertise to create and the energy to achieve.

We bring:

  • 100% focus on EB and talent marketing - it's all we do
  • Deep expertise, fresh approach
  • Creativity without the arrogance
  • Unrivalled passion and energy

We're also incredible value for money. Shhh!

Meet Our Chief Energy Officer

Mark Puncher has spent much of the last 17 years with one foot in talent attraction and the other in marketing.

He has run employer branding or marcomms operations in the UK and Australia for recruitment and media organisations including Employment Office, Guardian Jobs, Hobsons and TES Global. Mark lives and breathes talent marketing and loves helping fantastic, imperfect organisations bring your stories to life to attract and retain your future superstars.

When Mark isn't helping people shape their employer brands, his current hobbies include finger painting, 5am ballet and building dens. He also has strong beliefs about the importance of wine.

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Mark Puncher