A Daily Celebration of People at Work

Got a team member or workmate who deserves a mention?

Want to celebrate them or give them a boost?

Tell the team at Employer Branding Australia why you appreciate them.

We’ll write it up and share it with the world!

Share the love and the pride.

Mark Pilkington
Lynsey Rae

What we’re doing and why

Hello. Since this COVID-19 thing reared its ugly head, our team has been thinking about how we can pitch in and help. We’ve decided to bring it back to what we do best - celebrating pride, strength and connection at work.

So we’re showcasing employees who deserve a #goyougoodthing shout out. Your job is to tell us who they are!

How it works

  1. Nominate a team member or colleague! Simply answer a few quick questions and share a pic.
  2. We’ll write up our favourites as social posts and share them on our channels. If you’re happy to share, we’ll tag you both, to give them a nice surprise in an otherwise strange time.
  3. They smile, you smile, we smile. And we all get a reminder of how important it is to celebrate people.
Shelley Kinash
Shannon Greaves

Nominate someone now and we’ll do the rest!

Please complete the sentences below. Don’t worry if you want to skip one!

The only small print we can think of

  • By sharing these answers and images, you give us permission to share them in the public domain.
  • We may paraphrase your responses slightly, but not in a way which would significantly change the sentiment or meaning.
  • We reserve the right to share the post we create across other channels, but will only tag you or the nominee where you have given consent.
  • If you or the nominee would like the post to be removed at any time, please email us at hello@employerbrandingaustralia.com. We will take reasonable steps to remove it, where it is under our control.
  • We won’t share any sensitive data you’ve provided with any other party, and won’t spam you or do any similarly nasty stuff.