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Why invest in employer branding?

Creative, structured employer branding works! There is consistent and compelling evidence that it drives up talent results. Here are 10 stats to support your business case.

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Employer Branding Australia’s 1st Birthday!

On March 22nd 2019, it will be exactly one year since Founder and Chief Energy Officer of Employer Branding Australia Mark Puncher pressed go on launching his business whilst sipping a coffee in the middle of Brisbane. And what an adventure it has been so far.

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3 Steps to a Happier Team in the New Year

The Christmas tree is still up, left-over pudding and pasta salad is spilling from the fridge, and the summer sun sizzles as you sip a sprite. Ah… it’s holiday time. But as you relax, there’s something niggling at the back of your mind… you can’t help but think about the inevitable First. Day. Back. At. Work. It’s only a week away, but right now, it feels like you could float on your inflatable flamingo for eternity…

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How to get your CEO to Invest in Recruitment

When it comes to convincing your CEO to invest in a quality recruitment process, it’s all about effective communication to nail your pitch. CEOs are hard-pressed for time, so the few moments you have with them count. The key question you need to ask yourself is: What does the CEO want and how does a better recruitment process help them get there?

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Dear Interviewers. Please don’t say that to me

“Treat others as you’d like to be treated” is something our mothers told us all the time – even when we came home crying, and wishing with all our heart that we could take revenge on the school bully. But as distraught as we were, most of us kept to these deeply-ingrained values of mutual respect and kindness. Yet, as I’m starting to realise, there’s something sinister that can come out in people when they see someone else at their most vulnerable point.

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5 Ways Websites Turn Away Job Seekers

We examined 50 random Australian careers websites and found that employers are simply not doing enough to captivate talent and turn them into candidates. In fact, employers are failing in 5 key design areas - making it hard for job seekers to even find job listings, learn about what it is like to work for a particular company, and get a sense of an organisation’s genuine employer brand.

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5 Ways Job Ads Fail to Attract Job Seekers

We analysed 50 random job listings on Seek, one of Australia’s most visited job boards, and found employers are actively turning off job seekers. The results reveal employers are failing to attract job seekers in 5 key ways.

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5 Ways to Help Your Team Manage Stress

Almost 3 out of 4 Australians are stressed at work. Yet research suggests only 1 in 2 employees would be honest with their boss if they were asked “Are you okay?” and they weren’t.

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The Roles of HR and Marketing in Employer Branding

If you’re working in recruitment or HR, you’ll know the common question - Is employer branding a job for HR or marketing? The answer, obviously, is that both need to be involved. The secret is understanding when and how. Here’s what experience has taught me.

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4 Employer Branding Fails

Employer branding is on pretty much every organisation’s radar right now but not everyone’s getting it right. Here are 4 examples of what not to do, featuring people and organisations who really should know better. We challenge you not to laugh out loud.

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