5 Ways Job Ads Fail to Attract Job Seekers

We analysed 50 random job listings on Seek, one of Australia’s most visited job boards, and found employers are actively turning off job seekers. The results reveal employers are failing to attract job seekers in 5 key ways.

Employer Branding Australia CEO Mark Puncher says “These findings once again highlight the need for Australian employers to take talent and recruitment seriously. Your primary goal when you recruit is to sell your offer to prospective candidates - to show them why you are a great choice for the right people.”

In 2018, employers must compete for the best talent - and posting job ads based on what candidates want is the simplest way to do this.

Everyone is using the same old clichés in their job ads, so candidates now gloss over them or see them as lacking sincerity. If you want to cut through the noise and create a connection with your audience, say something specific and meaningful!

“While these results are disappointing, there is a huge opportunity for Australian organisations to get proactive and strategic in the conversation with talent. Our golden rule? Be bold. Be creative. Be authentic,” says Mark.

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Emily Dickson

About the Author

Emily Dickson is Employer Branding Australia’s Content and Digital Media Manager. A creative marketer who never says no, she specialises in content and social media and loves bringing your talent stories to life. She’s also multilingual, an incredible multi-tasker and better than most at keeping Mark in check.

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