5 Ways Websites Turn Away Job Seekers

We examined 50 random Australian careers websites and found that employers are simply not doing enough to captivate talent and turn them into candidates. In fact, employers are failing in 5 key design areas - making it hard for job seekers to even find job listings, learn about what it is like to work for a particular company, and get a sense of an organisation’s genuine employer brand.

Employer Branding Australia CEO Mark Puncher says, “If a job seeker is spending time on your careers page, you’ve already made some good progress. But that’s also where you can lose lots of prospective applications. These statistics show too many employers are missing a trick when it comes to their careers page. They are failing to cut through the noise and impress talent at crunch time.”

“The contrast between what employers are bringing to the table in terms of their careers page, and what job seekers are looking for, speaks volumes as to how out of touch some recruiters are.” Mark says.

“While these results are frustrating, there is an opportunity for companies to make a number of simple changes that will go a long way in turning these statistics around. From actually updating job listings, to using candidate-centric language, including salary amounts, employee reviews, and showcasing their team with a careers video, there are so many ways employers can communicate their talent offer to attract outstanding candidates, every time.” Mark says.

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Emily Dickson

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Emily Dickson is Employer Branding Australia’s Content and Digital Media Manager. A creative marketer who never says no, she specialises in content and social media and loves bringing your talent stories to life. She’s also multilingual, an incredible multi-tasker and better than most at keeping Mark in check.

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