Going the Distance: Lauren Forcey’s Dedication to Storytelling Takes Her to New Heights

Lauren Forcey has travelled paths only those with true determination are willing to take. No matter the twists and turns in the trail, our Senior Storyteller rises to any challenge she faces, and does so with great humility. Lauren’s passion for the written word led her to Employer Branding Australia, where she feels truly valued for her outstanding contribution. We’re thrilled she chose to continue her story with us.

Daring to push boundaries

Lauren knows all too well what it means to be pushed to the absolute limit. As an ultramarathon runner, she often battles the conflicting calls of her body and mind to give up or to persevere. Even when each step throbs like the pain of a broken bone (and yes, she’s even run with fractured bones!), Lauren’s grit has propelled her over the finish line of countless endurance races. And she brings that hunger for a challenge to her work and career.

“There’s lots of crossover with trail running and business,” Lauren says. “You need to be determined and tough, but you also need to be caring - of yourself and others.”

Lauren is never one to shy away from a challenge, and she loves learning how others forge their own path to success - whatever that means for them. A former journalist who has worked at newspapers around Australia, her ability to uncover the “why” of a person’s story is one of the reasons she’s an excellent fit for EBA.

“I feel honoured that people feel safe enough to share their stories with me,” she says. “I genuinely love learning about people and sharing their stories in a way that resonates with others.”

As Senior Storyteller and Editor, Lauren talks to employees from all walks of life, finding out what motivates them to turn up to work each day. As a result, our clients are left with powerful people stories that connect with their current and future team members.

Everyone has a story

Storyteller isn’t your average job title, but it’s hard to think of another word that could encapsulate this role. Watching Lauren at work reinforces this. Content writer just wouldn’t cut it. As a Storyteller, she brings you in. She makes you feel like you’re there. You can almost hear the kids' laughter echoing through the hallways with Asuka, feel Roger and Kathryn’s hunger for challenging the status quo, and see the warm smile on Justine’s face as she preps a patient for a CT scan.

Over the years at EBA, Lauren has heard some incredible stories. It’s impossible to choose a favourite, but when asked if any have had a lasting impression, Lauren says there is one that comes to mind.

Mabior’s story had an impact,” Lauren recalls. “He had a challenging upbringing, and when he entered Australia as a refugee, he thought a world of possibilities was being opened to him. Instead, he found a lot of closed doors. Despite this, he maintains an amazing outlook on life, and he’s achieved so much, both personally and professionally. It was a privilege to help him tell his story.”

A simple written story has a lot of potential. It can help future talent picture themselves with an organisation and explain what it’s really like to work there. It can help with recruitment, attracting the right people for a business. But it’s much more than that.

The way people react when we show them their story - the genuine excitement and pride they feel, the support from their colleagues, the energy from their team - well, it makes you realise the true meaning of storytelling.

“Everyone I speak with has an interesting story to tell,” Lauren says. “There was a man at Redland City Council who worked on the big ride-on mowers because he’d watched them in the park since he was a little boy. He was so proud to have that job. You can’t help but share that excitement when people have found their purpose.”

Living her best life

When she’s not running insane distances or crafting impactful people stories, Lauren enjoys camping, gravel bike riding, roller skating and spending time with her husband and 10-year-old daughter. She certainly has her hands full! But at EBA, Lauren says she never has to sacrifice being a mum for her job.

“I have a few different roles in my life. I’m a mum, a wife, a writer, and a runner. I like to bring my whole self to those roles and do all I can to bring value to the people around me. My family is the most important thing, and I know it’s the same for Mark (our CEO & Founder) and Dave (our COO). At EBA, I can fulfil all those roles well.”

Lauren is grateful to have found a team that appreciates her gift for storytelling. She says for those searching for a place where they feel valued but are willing to grow and take on feedback, EBA could be a great fit.

“For me, I just want to work where I feel like I'm making a difference, and I feel like I'm doing that at EBA. I want to help businesses and their people grow and prosper. By helping them grow, we grow, too.”

Tahlia Robinson

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As Employer Branding Australia’s Commercial Marketing Storyteller, Tahlia Robinson communicates our fantastic, imperfect organisation’s story to the world. With a background in PR for non-profits, she specialises in connecting organisations with their audiences in positive, meaningful ways. Tahlia is keenly interested in accessibility, activism, and keeping up with current trends on social media (while constantly wondering if she’s too old to be on TikTok).

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