Bursting With Passion: Why Kirsty Heigan Believes Employer Branding Can Make a Profound Difference

For Kirsty Heigan, a workplace means so much more than just a place to work. When organisations want to shape a positive future for their people, incredible things can happen. And as one of Employer Branding Australia’s energetic Senior Strategists, Kirsty is thrilled to help our clients reach their full potential. With a great understanding of employer branding and a dazzling personality to match, Kirsty has a bright future at EBA.

Where the magic happens

Kirsty Heigan is the kind of person who leaves you better than how she found you. With a contagious laugh and genuine care for those around her, Kirsty’s positive influence is undeniable. She takes her core beliefs seriously, and is guided by them each day - such as when she’s working with clients or building meaningful connections with the EBA team. Kirsty’s ability to find joy in every situation is the value she holds closest to her heart.

There’s so much to celebrate,” Kirsty says. “I think a lot of people are told to downplay their excitement, but then work and life become monotonous. If you can find those things to celebrate, that’s really important and helps renew motivation.”

Kirsty brings this same level of enthusiasm to EBA. She joined us at the end of 2021 after searching for a role where she could put her recruitment and HR experience to good use. Kirsty made an incredible impact on us in such a short time, and now, we couldn’t imagine our team without her. Luckily, she’s a pretty big fan of us, too.

“At EBA, the sky’s the limit - but there’s parachutes everywhere. We truly can carve our own pathways here and build off the foundations we have. Where we want to innovate is up to us, but we’re able to do it in a space that has a lot of safety and support.”

Quality connections

Kirsty has certainly forged her own path at EBA. Since taking on the role of Senior Strategist in early 2023, she’s focused on building our research team, increasing capabilities and improving our EBArticulate services. It’s in this area that she’s had her proudest moments since joining our team.

“Speaking to people about their lived experience, about what inspires them, about what keeps them coming back even when it’s hard - those are incredibly meaningful, vulnerable moments to share. There’s a connection built during that conversation, even if it’s only for 40 minutes.”

Every step in the process creates a new opportunity for connection, innovation and learning - from the beginning of the discovery phase to distilling themes and delivering EVPs that really mean something.

“The value of an EVP lies in how the people in your organisation see you. Your people are your best billboards - they’re going to amplify who you are the most. To be part of the EVP process and to dive in deeply with people and culture research, analysis, interviews, strategy, workshops … it's the most rewarding, intricate and impactful work I have ever completed.”

And with colleagues who want her to succeed, Kirsty feels empowered to do her best work at EBA. She believes everyone contributes to paving the way for the team, and they do it with care and connection.

“The EBA people are special, in the best way. I am constantly inspired by their expertise and open-minded approaches to all situations. They have the highest levels of curiosity and care, but at the same time, critical thinking and diverse perspectives. I’ve made lifelong connections here.”

Learning new perspectives

Like many, Kirsty left high school with no concrete career plan. Her desire to connect with people led her to travel consultancy, and ultimately, her thrilling adventures around the world. From visiting Nepal to exploring Egypt, you name it - Kirsty has most likely made her mark!

“While travelling, you meet so many interesting people who have had incredible life experiences,” Kirsty says. “Talking to them and finding out what makes them tick - over time, that has had a big effect on how I see things.”

It’s difficult for Kirsty to choose her favourite overseas memory, but an encounter with a fellow traveller is one she’ll never forget.

“I met this woman in Jordan who had a profound impact on me. She worked for the United Nations but had quit a few years prior, deciding to take a year off and live in a ski field. There, she met the love of her life at 63 and started a new life from then on. As women, we often hear how we need to hurry up in starting a family or reaching a career goal. But her journey wasn’t ‘normal’. Ever since then, I have seen the beauty of trusting the timing.”

While Kirsty’s love of travelling was put on pause during the pandemic, she decided to jump back into university life with a Master of Business in Human Resource Management. Ever the busy bee, her other adventures range from hiking, astrophotography, kayaking, dinner party hosting, and most recently, achieving the new title of homeowner. She’s also planning a 200km cycling route with our EBA Health & Wellbeing Coach Kelly Batt (which Kirsty suggested not including in this story due to commitment issues, but now it’s in writing - no backing out!).

Kirsty, we’re so glad you chose us - and we’re so excited to continue celebrating our wins together. We’re sure there will be many more to come!

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As one of our Storytellers, Eden Boyd has found her place at Employer Branding Australia. In her past life as a journalist, she covered everything from major tragedies to a lemur’s birthday bash at Australia Zoo. Eden’s love of authentic storytelling led her to EBA, where she enjoys gathering deep insights and using them to craft effective employee value propositions. When she’s not writing or interviewing, you can find her playing pub trivia, shocking people with her ability to lick her elbow, or obsessing over Taylor Swift with fellow Storyteller Amy.

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