Combining innovation and insights: How Eden Boyd helps organisations tell their true story

Stories have the power to connect, inspire, and drive change. Every organisation has a story. And every employee has a story. The challenge is bringing each chapter of the narrative together to craft a compelling message. Thankfully, Eden Boyd is on the job. Her words help businesses and their people reflect, celebrate and grow for good.

Crafting EVPs that truly resonate

When you want to know what it’s like to work at an organisation, whose opinion do you trust most?

Of course, it’s the people who already work there. We know organisations can use the power of storytelling to attract future talent, shape their culture, and celebrate their people. But how do you get the message out there?

Enter Eden Boyd. As Employer Branding Australia’s Senior Storyteller specialising in employee value proposition (EVP) development, Eden helps organisations attract and retain the right talent. She listens to our clients’ people, distills key themes, and crafts creative and consistent messaging that accurately encapsulates an organisation’s talent offer.

“Everyone at EBA brings something different to the table - there’s a lot of skill here. I help our team combine our industry knowledge, research and imagination, and tie it all together. We craft something creative, innovative, strategic and authentic to the employee experience. The EVPs we present to our clients are complemented by a compelling narrative and deep insights, and I’m proud of everything we deliver.”

An EVP can have an incredible influence on a client’s employer brand and talent strategy. But Eden says it’s more than that - her work impacts each individual employee we engage with.

“You can tell how powerful it can be for people just to feel that they’ve been heard. There have been so many times that I’ve wrapped up the conversation, and the employee has said, ‘Thank you, I really needed this,’ or, ‘Thank you for listening to me.’ They have a voice. And the beauty of what we do is that they’re not just heard in that moment - they see their impact when we present the EVP and when the organisation takes those next steps.”

The power of stories to inspire change

Stories can connect communities and be a catalyst for change - something Eden has experienced firsthand. As a student at Yeronga State High School, she grew up surrounded by peers with vastly different backgrounds and life experiences. When Eden was school captain, one of the school’s refugee students was forcibly removed from Brisbane and sent to a detention centre in Darwin. Eden and her classmates were outraged.

“As a school, we came together and created a campaign called ‘Free Mojgan’. We held rallies and got a lot of media attention. We wanted the government to bring her back to Brisbane and give her a visa so that she could live in her community. Because I was school captain, I became the student voice of the campaign. It really opened my eyes and made me passionate about human rights.”

This experience kick-started Eden’s love of storytelling, especially as a tool to educate large audiences and inspire change. So, Eden decided to pursue a career as a journalist.

A purposeful path

After completing a Bachelor of Mass Communications, Eden began working in the journalism industry. She landed roles at two grassroots weekly newspapers, where she enjoyed being a voice for the community. Eden’s strong work ethic and eye for a good story saw her quickly progress to a daily publication, where she stayed for two years.

But before long, Eden decided she wanted to pursue a different path. Since joining us in August 2021, Eden has grown from strength to strength and has cemented herself as a leader in our organisation. She says it’s one of the things she is most proud of: coming in knowing very little about employer branding to being promoted to Senior Storyteller within two years is quite the achievement.

Now, Eden gets the best of both worlds. She can be creative, improve her writing skills, and craft authentic content that makes a real difference for our clients. In return, Eden finally feels part of a team where she’s encouraged to grow.

“The biggest positive for me is the culture. Since we work so closely on company culture and employee engagement for others, we know the impact it can have. So, we walk the talk and lead by example. EBA genuinely wants you to succeed in your role. And there are lots of opportunities. You can jump into different projects and try new things; you can create your own path. I get such joy out of doing a job well. The stories we write are legacies we leave. We genuinely care at EBA - we’re making a difference.”

Tahlia Robinson

About the Author

As Employer Branding Australia’s Commercial Marketing Storyteller, Tahlia Robinson communicates our fantastic, imperfect organisation’s story to the world. With a background in PR for non-profits, she specialises in connecting organisations with their audiences in positive, meaningful ways. Tahlia is keenly interested in accessibility, activism, and keeping up with current trends on social media (while constantly wondering if she’s too old to be on TikTok).

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