Why investing in video storytelling will do wonders for your employer brand

People love a good story, and videos are one of the most compelling forms of storytelling. They’re visually interesting, they quickly capture attention, and they’re an effective way to communicate and connect with your audience.

Creating video content for your employer brand is a terrific strategic move to position your organisation as a great place to work. These videos can focus on the journey and achievements of individual employees, explore your workplace culture, or stitch snippets of stories together to paint an overarching narrative of your organisation.

So, why does it matter, how do you plan for it, and how can you elevate your employer brand videos?

Why does storytelling matter?

There’s a great case to be made for investing in storytelling for your employer brand. Want to attract new, diverse talent to your organisation? A suite of stories about your people, culture and talent offering will help prospective employees get to know your organisation and decide if they’re the right fit for you, and vice versa. It’s important your stories are told authentically and strategically developed to highlight the key reasons why people should join you.

Storytelling also drives pride and connection in your current team. You’ll show your people you value their voice and story, they’ll have a great experience while capturing this content (if you choose the right employer brand partner!), and they’ll be proud to share this with their colleagues and networks.

And when you share your stories, it’s not just good for your employer brand - it’s great for your commercial brand, too. Story sharing will enhance visibility of your brand in a positive way, and we all love to support companies that treat their employees well!

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How to plan a great employer brand video

When planning your video content, we highly recommend partnering with an employer brand specialist (and yes, we are a little biased). Here’s the thing: you can choose a traditional marketing videographer, and they’ll probably create a really nice video. But employer branding content needs to be more than “nice” - it requires a deep understanding of your organisation as a place to work, and how to market that specifically to the talent you’re trying to attract.

If we could only give one piece of advice on this, it would be to avoid scripts, gloss and hype. Encourage your people to share the real moments that matter, the times that have made them think, “That’s why I choose to work here” - especially on the hard days. This authenticity will shine through, and potential future talent will appreciate the honesty.

3 tips to elevate video storytelling

  1. Host video on your website. Compelling video content is one of the best things you can add to your careers page. People will trust the voice of your current employees much more than a carefully curated PR video. Give your people a voice and watch what happens.
  2. Include video in your job ads. According to a survey by CareerBuilder, job ads that include a video have a 34% greater application rate than those that don’t.
  3. Share your videos on your social channels. In a social landscape of endless scrolling, you need something attention-grabbing to stand out in the noise. Video content on LinkedIn earns an average of three times the engagement of text posts. And from a talent attraction perspective, your current employees’ networks are some of your most valuable audiences. Empower your people to be your best advocates by giving them high-quality, easily shareable content.

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Tahlia Robinson

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As Employer Branding Australia’s Commercial Marketing Storyteller, Tahlia Robinson communicates our fantastic, imperfect organisation’s story to the world. With a background in PR for non-profits, she specialises in connecting organisations with their audiences in positive, meaningful ways. Tahlia is keenly interested in accessibility, activism, and keeping up with current trends on social media (while constantly wondering if she’s too old to be on TikTok).

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