From the stage to the page: How Ben uses all forms of storytelling to connect, share and inspire

Storytelling is a deeply human way to connect. It can take many forms - from telling tales by the fire, reading storybooks to children, writing letters to loved ones, or watching blockbuster films. Stories help us learn. They help us relate to one another. They connect us.

Ben Warren is a storyteller at heart, and he’s built a career around sharing and facilitating stories. From his time treading the boards as a theatre actor, to his experience delivering interactive workshops for young people exploring their mental health, to his role as a Strategist at Employer Branding Australia, Ben has always held tightly to the value of storytelling.

"I think there's a real impact in people sharing their stories - whether it's a kid in a school auditorium watching their first show or a young person hearing the lived experience of their peers in navigating their mental health. Or, as I get to do now, celebrating people in their unique career journey."

The thespian’s journey to employer branding

Ben began his career as a passionate actor, studying drama in a double degree alongside a business course. While at university, he juggled his retail job with touring performances.

"It was loads of fun, but the nature of the work and the inconsistent hours made it very unpredictable. It was a pathway to developing a strong appreciation for the power of storytelling in all forms - whether it’s a live theatre performance, a written story, or sharing a personal journey.”

Ben explored the creative field for seven years, then shifted to working as a facilitator of youth mental health workshops. He also gained experience in an operational role focused on logistics and client liaison, before shifting to a position working one-on-one with young people to craft and share their personal lived experience story. A unique medley of qualifications, but one that we saw potential in for a Strategist role.

“You can deploy a real breadth of skills in a robust testing ground at EBA. We’re presented with a great sandpit to play in as professionals in this field. It’s a place where you can hone your skills and trial new ideas. There’s so much growth and learning that can happen in a short amount of time - I definitely feel like I’m set up well to progress in my career.”

At every turn, Ben has taken the opportunity to cut his teeth on a new skill. As an Employer Brand Strategist, Ben is the focal point for clients and the EBA team, interpreting an organisation’s needs and goals and ensuring our team delivers the best possible service.

“In a year at EBA, you’ll learn more than you would in three years somewhere else. I’ve enjoyed the genuine trust I’ve been afforded here. I flew interstate to facilitate my first video shoot with a new client. I was equipped and shepherded, but then I was trusted to take it on and own the delivery of that experience. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment.”

One for all and all for one

When Ben joined EBA, he was our first permanent employee based in Melbourne. Now, this team is a small but mighty arm of EBA. As individuals and as a group, they’ve navigated new experiences and grown their capability and confidence. The four of them bring a diverse skill set, and when it comes to goals and dreams for the local team, the sky's the limit!

“I make up a quarter of the local culture in the EBA Melbourne team. When you’re in such a small team, your impact is more noticeable. I’m looking forward to deepening that connection. Celebrating the great work Yasmin, Romesh and Kirsten are achieving and witnessing that growth in each other - that’s what I’m most looking forward to.”

Tahlia Robinson

About the Author

As Employer Branding Australia’s Commercial Marketing Storyteller, Tahlia Robinson communicates our fantastic, imperfect organisation’s story to the world. With a background in PR for non-profits, she specialises in connecting organisations with their audiences in positive, meaningful ways. Tahlia is keenly interested in accessibility, activism, and keeping up with current trends on social media (while constantly wondering if she’s too old to be on TikTok).

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