Farewell 2023, Hello 2024!

Here at EBA, we’re well and truly into the swing of the festive season. We’ve decked the halls, hosted holiday-themed crafternoons, and squeezed into a makeshift Christmas tree for an EBAwkward family photo shoot. However you celebrate this season, we hope you’ve been able to partake in some similarly joyous activities.

Our year in review blog has become something of a tradition for the EBA team. December is always a busy month as we flex and push to get as much of our to-do list ticked off before Christmas. In amongst the chaos, it’s nice to carve out time to pause and reflect on our wins and learnings from the year that’s been, and set our sights on some goals and dreams for the year to come. So, without further ado, here’s what the EBAuthentics thought of 2023.

Our highlight reel


My highlight has been seeing how we celebrate life's highs and support each other during the lows. This year has been big for a lot of us - new babies, new houses, sad losses and significant milestones. Through it all, our team has shown incredible resilience and genuine care.


2023 was a huge year for me professionally and personally. The highlight was welcoming a new little bub into the family and also still feeling part of the EBA team. I was wondering how on earth I was going to make it all work, but with the support of my family and the EBA executive team, I found a rhythm that worked for me.


There are many moments, but a recent one is our EBA Christmas photo shoot. I've been in lots of awkward work photo shoots, but being a Christmas bauble along with the EBA team was fun!


I've loved organising e-cards for team celebrations like birthdays and work anniversaries - the creativity in our team constantly astonishes me, and I love seeing it manifest through poems, GIFs and artfully selected emojis.


Welcoming another Written Storyteller to our star-studded team! Glad you’re with us, Romesh!


So many highlights! It's hard to choose one. So, I'll just say that this was the year that I saw EBA really become its own entity - independent of the mad old bloke who set it up. And that's thanks to every person we have and the culture that glues us together.

What we learned


Ooft, so so many things. A good team is willing to help and be helped. How to ask better questions. Everything is figure-outable.


So many new skills! As someone who isn’t from an employer branding background, I’ve learnt so much about employer branding and the incredible impact it can have when done well. I’ve also learnt that at EBA, I’m never alone and I’ll always have support.


The thing that sticks out is the care and attention to detail we put into each client. We work with such a diverse range, from aged care to engineering and everything in between, and the effort that goes into understanding each client and their individual needs is amazing.


I've actually learned a lot about different industries and organisations, busting a few of my own personal myths along the way. With each client I work with, I enjoy putting myself in the shoes of candidates and employees to really understand the value of joining that particular organisation. There have even been a few moments where I have considered a career change!


The value of organising, planning and prioritising. I'm usually an "eyes closed, head first, can't lose" kind of person, but I feel like I've been able to set a much better foundation and work a lot smarter this year - with huge thanks to Mark, Dave and CJ.

Our hopes and dreams for 2024


I'm looking forward to working alongside our little Melbourne team and collaborating and innovating with clients in our video space.


Looking forward to the challenges of 2024 of which there are plenty- from the uncertain economy to the sadness of the wars taking hold across the globe. While the challenges are real, I know I wouldn't want to be anywhere else than with this awesome bunch of humans - facing these challenges and opportunities head on, supporting, growing, thriving and laughing our way through everything that comes up together.


We have a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline and I’m looking forward to seeing those really come to life!


Going on parental leave and knowing I'll be supported throughout my time off and when I return to work in early 2025! Being able to go on leave for such a long period of time and not having any worry about my place in the team is such an amazing feeling.


Creating some goosebumps moments through our employer branding videos!


I am looking forward to meeting and working with new (and exciting) clients to assist them in uncovering their authentic employer brand. Let's keep the good times rollin'!

To all our friends and partners, we hope you have a wonderful festive season. Catch you in the new year!

The EBA team will be offline from December 22 - January 8. If you’d like to send a Christmas card, love letter or gin delivery in the meantime, get in touch at hello@employerbrandingaustralia.com and we’ll get back to you when we can.

Tahlia Robinson

About the Author

As Employer Branding Australia’s Commercial Marketing Storyteller, Tahlia Robinson communicates our fantastic, imperfect organisation’s story to the world. With a background in PR for non-profits, she specialises in connecting organisations with their audiences in positive, meaningful ways. Tahlia is keenly interested in accessibility, activism, and keeping up with current trends on social media (while constantly wondering if she’s too old to be on TikTok).

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