How To Employer Branding Guides

Our How To series brings you free advice and guidance on how to harness your employer brand

Your Guide to Employer Branding in 2024

Employer Branding Australia

To survive and thrive in the complex climate of 2024, you need to take a back-to-basics approach to your employer brand.

  • Learn the 4 key ingredients to effective employer branding - tried and tested by our expert team
  • Hear case studies and success stories from real organisations
  • Get advice on where to focus for 2024
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10 Step Guide to Great Employer Branding

Employer Branding Australia

10 key steps you can take to bring your talent offer to life and turn it into better recruitment results. Includes:

  • The importance of employer brand research
  • How to create an EVP
  • Authenticity in employer branding
  • Employer branding strategy
  • The power of employee storytelling
  • Measuring your employer brand
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How to Create an Employee Value Proposition

Employer Branding Australia

Expert advice on how to uncover and craft your employee value proposition. We’ll help you understand who you are and bring that to life in a unique, authentic way. Includes:

  • What is an Employee Value Proposition (EVP)?
  • 6 Steps to Creating your EVP
  • What makes an EVP great?
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How to Develop an Employer Branding Strategy

Employer Branding Australia

Find out from the experts how to produce and execute a best practice employer branding strategy which is clear, actionable and effective. Includes:

  • The Importance of a Strategy in Employer Branding
  • 6 Steps to Developing and Executing your Employer Branding Strategy
  • What Makes an Employer Branding Strategy Great?
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Employer Branding On A Budget

Employer Branding Australia

A guide to shaping your employer brand without huge spend. Learn where you should spend time, energy and money when budgets are tight.

  • Australian employer brand priorities
  • How to avoid black holes and pitfalls
  • DIY employer branding ideas
  • How to start internal employer branding
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Advice: Employer Branding Business Case

Employer Branding Australia

Advice on how to get internal buy in and sign off for employer branding activity.

  • Tips on how to write an employer branding business case - the best structure and what to include
  • ROI and trend stats to promote the impact and benefits of employer branding in Australia
  • Examples and case studies of great employer branding results in Australia
  • Advice on what approaches you should be proposing
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Guide to Best Practice Graduate Recruitment and Retention

Employer Branding Australia

Insights on how to attact, retain and engage the best graduates in Australia. Includes:

  • Career insights: What matters most to today’s graduates
  • Employer branding tips for graduate attraction
  • Turning graduate hires into powerful employee advocates
  • The Millennial factor - How to get the best out of the latest generation
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