Employer Branding for Councils and Local Government

Advice on how to approach employer branding for Councils / Local government

Mark Puncher

Author’s introduction

For many Australian councils, the biggest recruitment challenge is not overall volume of applications, but the quality. In a continually changing sector, attracting and hiring people with the right expectations and motivations for joining you is absolutely critical. For decades, many recruiting councils have strongly emphasised the flexibility and job security of working for local government. These are valuable pillars, but they can fuel the perception of a job at council as "an easy option," "a step back" or "a lifestyle choice." Today, local government employees need to be more agile and driven than ever before. And they need to thrive on shaping a progressive culture, while also enjoying the benefits that you offer.

This guide helps you shape an employer brand which reflects your true opportunity. This in turn will help you recruit across a diverse range of roles, attracting and retaining candidates locally and from further afield.

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