People Stories

When great people truly connect with their chosen employer, amazing things happen.

Storytelling is fundamental to Employer Branding Australia’s work and philosophy. That’s why we created our very own People Stories Series. We’re proud to bring you stories about the incredible things that happen when good, talented humans truly connect with their chosen employer.

Steve Gard

How Steve Gard is revolutionising the candidate experience with The Circle Back Initiative

October 22, 2022 Eden Boyd

Have you ever waited anxiously for a response after applying for a job, but it never showed? Most of us know the feeling – but Steve Gard is shifting this reality one employer at a time.

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Mabior Ring

The Workplace Injury Commission’s Mabior Ring:
The Project Manager with Ubuntu at Heart

October 13, 2022 Lauren Forcey

Mabior Ring has lived a life few of us could ever truly understand. As a migrant to Australia, the intelligent and compassionate Project Manager has overcome challenge after challenge with resilience, gratitude and a determination to succeed. We’re proud to share his story.

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Connor Simmonds

Maxispan's Connor Simmonds:
From helping hand to leading hand

September 26, 2022 Lauren Forcey

Eager to kickstart his career in construction, Connor Simmonds just needed to be given a chance. What followed is a testament to the magic that happens when an employer gives someone with the right attitude a go

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Michelle Lynch

USQ's Michelle Lynch:
Life outside the comfort zone

August 15, 2021 Mark Puncher and Hannah Brink

Michelle is quiet and kind. She’s also deeply determined and as focused as they come. The recruitment leader, mother, international netball champion and bodybuilder shares her journey so far.

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Lee Azfar

ME Bank's Lee Azfar:
Passing the baton: from mentee to mentor

August 17, 2020 Emily Dickson

Determined to be the best HR professional he could be, Lee built his career from the ground up: with intent, discipline and a healthy dose of adventure.

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Alannah Green

Optus's Alannah Green:
Passion and purpose in the pandemic

March 23, 2020 Ellen Cameron

Optus's Employer Brand Consultant shares her journey to the place she belongs, in the unsettling time of COVID-19.

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Eron Castro

affix's Eron Castro:
The Recruiter Breaking the Mould

Feb 03, 2020 Mark Puncher

Like many agency people, Eron Castro has seen the darker side of her industry. Yet she defies the stereotype and is striving for change.

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Julia Dyer

Xero's Julia Dyer:
Behind the Scenes - Belonging at Xero

Jan 27, 2020 Mark Puncher

Julia Dyer struggled with self-confidence for most of her life. Today, she’s thriving, playing a quiet but vital role in Xero’s success.

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Georgine Roodenrys

Queensland Government's Georgine Roodenrys:
A Very Human Leader

Oct 28, 2019 Mark Puncher

Georgine Roodenrys is an impressive, accomplished executive. She's also a fantastic, imperfect human, with a humble story to tell.

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Pure Water System's Matthew Knutsen

Pure Water System's Matthew Knutsen:
Sea Change: An Everyday Journey to Great

Oct 21, 2019 Mark Puncher

Matthew Knutsen joined Pure Water Systems at 19. What he’s learned since has fundamentally shifted his perspectives on career and life.

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Winson Group's Kayti Marlow

Winson Group's Kayti Marlow:
A Lesson in Patience and Progression

Oct 07, 2019 Mark Puncher

In work and life, Kayti Marlow understands what the word ‘journey’ really means. Read how she has progressed towards her goals.

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Feros Care's Jane Middleton

Feros Care's Jane Middleton:
Life-long Learning: The Trainer Who Found Home

Sept 02, 2019 Mark Puncher

Feros Care's Trainer and Facilitator shares how her life has shaped her career, and why she’s giving her all at Feros Care.

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The University of Queensland's Alex Jackson

The University of Queensland's Alex Jackson:
The Proud Queenslander Who Found His Place

July 10, 2019 Mark Puncher

UQ's Internal Recruiter shares why he's the University's most passionate advocate.

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Frizelle Sunshine Automotive's Deon Kotze

Frizelle Sunshine Automotive's Deon Kotze:
Do What You Love - A Life Of Cars

June 03, 2019 Mark Puncher

As technical fixers go, Deon Kotze is a bit of a guru. He’s also a student of his craft.

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Campos Coffee's Carlos Escobar

Campos Coffee's Carlos Escobar:
In the Blood: A Story of Coffee, Career and Conviction

May 27, 2019 Mark Puncher

Campos Coffee’s Field Sales Manager and Values Ambassador of the Year talks pride, connection and a fight for what’s right.

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Vocus Group Mel Kramer

Vocus Group's Mel Kramer:
The Sales Leader Who Can't Help But Care

May 13, 2019 Mark Puncher

Where does a fiercely proud, sleeves-up leader with purple hair and a need for authenticity find her place? Vocus Group, of course.

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SwanCare Sherryl Edwards

SwanCare's Sherryl Edwards:
The Housekeeper Who Makes A Place A Home

April 29, 2019 Mark Puncher

Meet the quiet, no-fuss aged-care cleaner who's so much more. At SwanCare, Sherryl Edwards improves lives every single day.

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