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“Everyone needs an Eron”: The Recruiter Breaking The Mould

Eron Castro

Like many agency people, Eron Castro has seen the darker side of her industry. She also understands why recruitment consultants aren’t universally loved. Yet she defies the stereotype and is striving for change. Here, she shares why she’s bringing passion, integrity and heart to an industry known for churn and burn.

Hands up: Who loves recruitment agencies? It’s fair to say the industry has a patchy reputation for the way it treats job seekers, employers… and indeed its own employees. Yet in our work, we get to meet plenty of recruiters - and at least a handful of companies - who are striving to do things right. By all accounts, Eron Castro is a great example.

A people-focused path

A natural people person, Eron started her career as a travel consultant before moving into a sales and account management role with a software company. She then took on a Digital Marketing role running Google Ads campaigns before pivoting into HR within that same organisation - a move that would go on to shape her career trajectory.

“I discovered a passion for HR and spent five years recruiting for all sorts of cool roles internally. Eventually I decided it was time to try my hand at agency recruitment and was surprised to find I loved it!”

In her time with marketing and recruitment consultancies, Eron found that working ‘agency-side’ wasn’t without its pitfalls. At times, she struggled to reconcile her identity as a mother with being a professional working woman.

“I had one very short and particularly terrible stint in an agency where I felt I had to pretend not to be a mum! That was awful. Since then, it’s becoming increasingly important to me that women everywhere do not have to hide who they are, and are recognised as the strong working mothers they are.”

Finding fulfilment

Any successful professional will tell you the importance of a great manager. In 2016, Eron was approached by Simon Harris to join him in a large, global recruitment agency and they worked there together for almost two years. When Simon was approached to head up the Brisbane operation of affix, Eron followed him.

“I’d worked for Simon in a previous role and really enjoyed his leadership, so I jumped at the chance to work with him again. I really believe in what we’re doing here. We’re leading positive change and promoting real innovation. It’s no easy feat in an industry that’s inherently broken, but I think we’re doing some great stuff and I’m so proud to be part of it.”

While thriving with affix, Eron has kicked on to achieve her goal of elevating the status of, and respect for, working mothers.

“I’m proud to have started ‘Super Women Collective’, an initiative which shines a light on the amazing working mothers out there who are juggling their careers and parenthood at the same time. I’ve got some plans on how I can scale this concept, but for now I’m just happy that I’m helping start more conversations in the workplace about hardworking, hustling mums.”

‘Everyone needs an Eron’

As a recruitment consultant, Eron sees her role as ‘helping people find their happy place at work’. Her manager Simon can’t speak highly enough of what she’s brought to the team - and says affix is a much happier place with Eron’s contribution.

“Eron lights the lives of everyone she meets. A client once said ‘everyone needs an Eron in their life’, and it’s 100% true. Eron has worked for me for four years now and not only is she amazing at her job, but she brings such an inspiring, fresh perspective as a mother. What she has done with Super Women Collective is remarkable - she’s had so much amazing feedback from it already and I’m really proud of her for starting it. Eron is give, give, give; she helps anybody and everybody that she can. She works harder than anybody I know and genuinely cares - she deserves to be celebrated!”

Home from home

The focus on work life balance at affix, says Eron, means all staff can bring their whole self to work - instead of pretending life outside the office doesn’t exist.

“I feel like I’ve won the work lottery! affix is a family-owned, family-run business, and you can really feel that within the culture. Simon values me and gives me the freedom to be more ‘me’. He understands my priorities as a mother, and is awesome about me needing to pick up Lola or work from home sometimes. That is quite rare in a boss - a lot of the time you feel you need to justify yourself. That human approach is often missing.”

Finding a workplace where she can be her true, imperfect self means everything to Eron.

“I work full-time. Some days I manage really well, and other days Lola says, “Mum, don’t leave me” and my heart just breaks. It’s OK for me to share that at work - it’s OK to be human. But ultimately, I know that what I’m doing is important, I love my work and I’m sending a strong message to my daughter. Already I see her emulating me or proudly pretending she’s going to work with her laptop and phone. It makes me feel proud that I’m being a good role model to her, and at the end of the day that trumps everything for me - it really does.”

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