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Employer Brand Assessment and Optimisation

Optimise your employer branding approach by measuring your impact and assessing brand appreciation. Our trusted tool-kit helps you engage candidates, new hires and talent rival employees to learn what you need to do next. Includes people sessions, plan creation and research execution and tools.


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If there's one thing that I've learnt over the years with employer branding and talent marketing, it's that if you can't measure it why on earth are you doing it? You know, it's so important that you not only can justify the spend and the time and the energy that you put into things but also that you can learn how to refine what you're doing. Because this is a moving feast and your brand will evolve.

EBLab gives you the tool kit that you need and the insights to really measure the impact of what you're doing. Not only to measure your return on investment but actually to say where are we at in terms of brand appreciation and brand awareness with regard to talent.

So we give you the plan you need and the measurement plan you need. We give you the insights on how to measure for all the channels that you need to measure. We engage with your people to help ensure buy-in so that everybody is on the same page and then we go and actually do some work for you interviewing and researching your new hires and your current candidates and prospective employees. It’s just a great way to check in and say where are we at, are we cutting through and why are people applying for jobs with us and why are people joining us.

It’s a really exciting product and I'd love to talk to you about it more so do get in touch at

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