EVP Crafting: EVPCreate

Employee Value Proposition Research and Creation

Attract your ideal candidates by crafting your unique, powerful Employee Value Proposition. Our intelligent, cost effective research and creation process pinpoints your authentic talent offer and delivers you the messaging you need to grab the attention of your target talent.


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So what is EVPCreate?

It’s really the first or most fundamental building block of your employer branding strategy. You need an Employee Value Proposition. You need to be able to articulate in very simple messaging, in very simple words: why work for us and what’s it like?

We help you understand what you’re selling on and what you should be tailing about - what you should be ending people on. And then we turn that into the right messaging to really cut through the noise in market and to catch people’s attention in a way which really authentically shows who you are.

We do it through a great research process. We engage with your people - past, current, future. We also look at your brand as it stands right now. We look at any data you have. All sorts of techniques which really give our specialists the insights they need and the feel they need to start crafting that messaging.

We then go through the creative process of building that messaging. And you can be as involved as you like in that process but we are very ready and able to handle that for you. And we craft the story that you’re going to tell and that you’re going to put at the heart of your messaging. We give you insights and toolkits and strategies for how to really make that work for you and how to deploy that EVP. And we can even actually help you write the messaging that you’re going to use across all of your channels and campaigns. So if you’re interested in finding out more, just email us at hello@employerbrandingaustralia.com

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