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Give your most engaged employees the tools and the inspiration to tell your talent story. Our innovative program delivers you a personalised talent marketing content plan, a bank of powerful, authentic people stories, and your very own in-house 'Stories Team', ready to advocate for you.


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So you've got a great employer branding strategy and you've got a great employee value proposition. How are you going to really bring that to life? Well that’s where EVPNarrate comes in. We bring together some of your most engaged employees and we give them the tools and the skills and the ideas that they need to bring your story to life through their own stories and those of those people they work with.

It’s a really exciting product, I suppose because it starts with your people and it's really deploying your most powerful asset in employer branding and talent attraction which is your existing people. You and they will come out of the session with: a clear content plan which they're going to execute with who’s going to do what and when; with the templates they need to create all the different types of content that are going to make a difference for you; and indeed with specific pieces of content that we’ve finalised and that we’ve actually written from scratch that you can use to really kickstart your content marketing strategy. So if you're interested in finding out more, do get in touch. Our email address is hello@employerbrandingaustralia.com

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