EB Strategy: YourPeoplePlan

Employer Branding Strategy Creation and Team Engagement

Build a powerful employer branding strategy to reach and engage your target talent. Our strategy development program connects, empowers and inspires your key players to design and map out your brand plan. They'll leave with all the ideas and energy they need to help take your story and offer to market.


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So let me tell you about YourPeoplePlan.

YourPeoplePlan is frankly about your employer branding strategy. Getting a strategy - not just one that just gets chucked in a draw but one that really gets actioned. And the key element to that is that it needs to be owned by and co-created by your key people.

So we bring those guys together for two days of workshopping and we train them, we educate them, we give them the tools and we give them the inspiration to design and build the right strategy to attract the best talent for you by showing who you are.

At the end of that process you don't just get the draft strategy; you get key talent marketing plans for different areas of your strategy. You also get the write-up of the day and you get key insights and challenges and obstacles that were brought up during the session. And then we actually check in with your team and with you at key intervals basically to make sure that it's getting actioned and that we can help you really ensure that it beds in and that you get the results you need. So if you're interested in finding more, have a look at a website or email us at hello@employerbrandingaustralia.com

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