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Employer Branding Video Creation

Cut through the noise and resonate with the best talent through our storyboarding and video creation product. We’ll work with you to identify your story and will then bring it to life with a unique, authentic video which showcases who you are and why you’re a great choice.


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And now to one of my favourite things: video. Our product, YourVideoVoice, is just an amazing opportunity for you to bring your talent stories to life in the most effective medium for 2018. You’ll drive more engagement; you'll drive more views; you'll drive more of a key message; and you will resonate and create a connection with the people that you're trying to target.

We will come in and work with you to understand the stories that you're trying to tell - whether you have an employee value proposition or not. We will craft the storyboard and we’ll build the structure of your video with you and then we will come in and shoot that video and produce it and create something really beautiful which showcases the reality of who you are.

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