Employer Branding Explained 2:
Benefits, Approaches and Examples

What are the benefits of employer branding?

Shaping and promoting a powerful, authentic employer brand will play a major role in helping you attract the best talent to your organisation, and to keep them engaged. Key benefits include better quality candidates and hires, higher retention of the right people, reduced recruitment spend, a quicker time to hire, and better productivity and results.

How do you create an employer brand?

As we’ve said, it’s actually not about ‘creating’ an employer brand; it’s about shaping it and promoting it. In my experience, it always, always, always starts with employer brand research and listening. By engaging your key audiences and researching their views, experiences, expectations and behaviours, you’ll have the insights you need to craft your Employee Value Proposition and the messaging and creative that goes with it. Importantly, you’ll also be much better placed to bring that talent offer to life through authentic storytelling.

Once you have your proposition, you need a plan. Create an actionable strategy, execute it and measure your impact. For more information on how to achieve this, have a look at the resources in the Insights and Ideas section of our site.

How do you measure employer branding?

Measuring employer brand matters hugely! If you can't track it and test it, how can you improve it and justify the investment? There are countless ways to achieve this but as usual, you should start with the core fundamentals and work from there. Typical employer branding KPIs and metrics might include volume of quality applicants, source of applicants and hired candidates, traffic to careers site, social reach and engagement. But why stop there? How about employee engagement and advocacy / NPS scores, or new hire time to consistent success? For more info on how we do it, contact us!

Great employer brands

There are some pretty impressive employer branding examples out there. But let’s be clear - there are great places to work and there are companies who are good at marketing themselves as such. For now, let’s look at companies who are doing good stuff.

GE are a great place to start - they’re consistently being recognised in the space and their 2016 ‘What’s The Matter With Owen’ video campaign remans a fantastic example of how to get audiences to rethink the stereotype.

Google and Facebook have executed well, as you’d expect, as have a host of big players. But there are a number of Australian organisations punching above their weight, achieving a lot on low spend. We're proud to have worked with a range of great organisations to produce content and campaigns like these:

EVP examples

Again, there are lots of employee value proposition examples out there. In the bigger part of town, L’Oreal are well recognised for their creative work, as are Hubspot and Target! In terms of core themes and articulation, some of my favourite EVPs that I‘ve worked on in the past include AnglicareWA, SwanCare and Nganampa Health.

I actually think that, in Australia, many organisations with great EVP messaging are failing to carry it through into strong execution, creative storytelling and strategic campaigns. This obviously represents a huge opportunity for proactive employers who commit to getting this right.

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