If you're shaping a positive future for your organisation, you know the importance of the people you recruit.

Employer Branding Australia helps you attract the best talent
and keep them engaged.

Together, we'll create and promote your 'Why work for us?' and turn your authentic people stories into your most powerful marketing tool.

An Introduction to Employer Branding Australia

Hear from our CEO, Mark Puncher, on the importance of employer branding
and why we exist.

Hi. I’m Mark form Employer Branding Australia. I want to take a moment just to tell you why we exist and what we’re about as an organisation. Our purpose is pretty simple. It’s to help fantastic, imperfect organisations to attract fantastic imperfect people.

In 2018, you know, it’s not enough just to write some nice advertising copy or to, you know, put enough budget behind an advertising campaign. It’s about showing your ideal candidates why. Why you? Why are you right for them? Why are you a great choice? And you need to bring that to life through storytelling. And that’s what we’re obsessed with. We get out of bed to tell your stories in a way which really catches people’s attention and makes them want to explore joining you.

So how does it work? Well, we bring the energy, the experience, the focus and the objectivity to help you really capture your brand story and bring it to life to the people that matter most - to the people that you want to employ.

Our secret ingredient? Authenticity. It starts and ends with the truth, with who you are for good and for bad. Put yourself out there as a glossy, beautiful, perfect employer and you won’t get very far or you'll attract the wrong people with the wrong expectations. We help you understand who you are and be proud to show that and to show that in a powerful way which really captures the hearts and minds of the best people - the people that you want to employ. Because what’s more important in this world than authenticity?

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Products and Services

Full Service: EBAchieve

Take full control of your talent opportunity with our end-to-end solution. Combines EVPCreate, YourPeoplePlan, EVPNarrate, YourVideoVoice, EBLab and more.

EVP Crafting: EVPCreate

Attract better candidates by crafting your unique Employee Value Proposition. Our research and creation process is smart, quick and cost-effective.

EB Strategy: YourPeoplePlan

Build a powerful employer branding strategy to engage your target talent. Our program empowers and inspires your key players to map out your brand plan.


Imagine giving your most engaged employees the tools and the inspiration to tell your talent story. Our innovative, game-changing program achieves exactly that.

Video: YourVideoVoice

Cut through the noise with a powerful employer branding video. Our storyboarding and video creation product showcases who you are and why you're a great choice.

Measurement: EBLab

Optimise your EB approach by assessing impact and brand appreciation. Measure what counts and engage key audiences to learn what you need to do next.

Training and Workshops

Inspire and empower your teams and build internal capability around employer branding. Give your people the insights, ideas and energy to drive tangible results.

Bespoke Services

Consistently engage the best talent through best-of-breed strategy, powerful content generation, social media support and unforgettable training and development.