Connected people perform better.
Employer Branding Australia helps fantastic, imperfect employers attract fantastic, imperfect people, and keep them engaged.

We do it through employer branding and culture insights and strategy, employee value proposition and organisational values development, and storytelling / content marketing.

Together, we'll shape an even better culture, and build your brand plan for talent. We'll bring to life your Employee Value Proposition - your 'Why join us and stay?'. Then we’ll turn your people and their stories into your most powerful marketing tool.

We’ve identified five key components of effective employer branding

Our services flow through these.

  1. EBAdvance – Understand your employer brand and build your employer branding strategy
  2. EBArticulate – Uncover, craft and activate your unique, authentic Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
  3. EBAmplify – Promote your employee experience and talent offer through content-led internal comms and recruitment marketing
  4. EBAdvocate – Inspire and empower your employees to show your story through theirs
  5. EBAssess – Measure your employer brand impact and ROI, and optimise for even better results

We offer an end-to-end service – EBAchieve - which combines all of these components. You can also pick and choose individual services, to suit your context and goals.

Everything we offer is designed to deliver transformative talent results and a journey you’ll love. Contact us for an exploration of your employer brand opportunity. We’ll ask, listen and then recommend where you should focus.