Insights and ideas

Resources to help you accelerate and enhance your employer branding journey

Employer Branding Explained 1: Key Terms

Get to grips with employer branding terminology. Includes:

  • What is an Employer Brand?
  • What is Employer Branding?
  • What is an Employee Value Proposition?
  • What’s the difference between an EVP and an employer brand?

Employer Branding Explained 2: Benefits, Approaches and Examples

Grasp the fundamentals of employer branding. Includes:

  • What are the benefits of employer branding?
  • How do you create an employer brand?
  • Great employer brands
  • EVP examples

How To Guides

Get free advice and guidance on how to harness your employer brand. Includes:

  • 10 Step Guide to Great Employer Branding
  • How to Create an Employee Value Proposition
  • How to Develop an Employer Branding Strategy

Industry Guides

Get free insights on best practice employer branding in your industry or sector. Includes guides for:

  • Employer Branding in Human and Community Services
  • Employer Branding in Councils / Local Government
  • Employer Branding in Healthcare
  • Employer Branding in Construction and Engineering
  • Employer Branding in Universities and Higher Education Institutions

EBA Opinion

Articles and anecdotes from the day to day world of employer branding.