Employer Branding Explained 1:
Key Terms

What is employer branding?

Employer branding is about managing how you are perceived as an employer by the audiences that you are seeking to recruit and retain. Typical audiences are current and past employees and prospective candidates, including current or past applicants.

Commercial brand marketing seeks to engage current and prospective customers and to positively shape their appreciation of you and their desire to buy from you. In a similar way, employer branding is about positively positioning your talent offer to current and future employees so that you can attract the very best, more easily.

Why is employer branding so important?

Recruitment or employee engagement without employer branding is like walking into battle blind-folded. How can you consistently attract the right people if you can't succinctly, creatively and consistently articulate your 'why work for us?' How can you turn your current team into advocates without a proposition and stories to gather around, and a strategy to amplify their voice? Employer branding benefits employers in so many ways, as long as it is done creatively, strategically... and honestly.

What is an employer brand?

If you employ people, you have an employer brand! It’s essentially the way your talent audiences feel about you as a prospective employer, for good and for bad. And it has a major influence on people’s desire to apply for a job with you, to join you, to stay and to perform.

Your employer brand is constantly changing, and I’m afraid you’re not in charge of it - it lives with your target audiences. The question is, are you actively shaping what they know and how they feel about you? And are you using your employer brand opportunity to its full potential?

What is an Employee Value Proposition (EVP)?

EVP definition: Your EVP is the central messaging which articulates your ‘Why work for us’. Some of the best EVPs also capture ‘What’s it like to work here’ and even ‘What do we expect from you / What can you expect from us’.

An EVP can take many forms but usually includes a core statement which can be deployed / adapted across your marketing channels and campaigns. But as our clients will tell you, if you want it to live, breathe and deliver recruitment results, it needs to be more than a few words on a page.

What’s the difference between an EVP and an employer brand?

As described above, your employer brand lives with your target audiences - it’s about how they think and feel about you as a prospective or current employer. Your EVP is much more under your control. It’s your talent offer or ‘people deal’ in a nutshell. Beware though - you can say pretty much what you like in your EVP but if it’s more aspiration than reality, you’ll quickly be found out.

What Is Employer Branding?

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