How to Create an Employee Value Proposition

This Employer Branding Australia Guide brings you expert advice on how to uncover and craft your employee value proposition

We’ll help you understand who you are and bring that to life in a unique, authentic way.

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What is an Employee Value Proposition (EVP)?

Your EVP is the core messaging which articulates your ‘offer’ to current and future employees - your ‘Why work for us’. Employee Value Propositions take many forms but usually include a core statement which can be deployed / adapted across your channels and campaigns. But if you want it to live, breathe and deliver recruitment results, you need more than a few words on paper.

6 Steps to Creating an EVP

1. Pick and engage your team

Build an internal project team and get their buy-in. They should ideally be from across the organisation - it may be your leadership team, plus people involved in day to day recruitment.

2. Ideally, find an external employer branding partner

While your internal teams definitely have a role to play, you will get much better results using experienced employer branding specialists who bring the objectivity, the expertise and the fresh perspectives required.

3. Undertake structured, multi-faceted audience research

Engage current, past and future employees in structured research which captures the insights and the stories to develop your unique EVP. Typical methods include employee data analysis, competitor benchmarking, surveys, focus groups and interviews.

4. Craft your EVP - get creative but keep it real

This is the magic part and it requires creative marketing skill. Using the insights and stories you’ve captured, identify your key themes and bring them to life in a fresh and interesting way. Your top priorities should be uniqueness and authenticity. If it sounds generic, it will fall flat, particularly in a noisy, competitive Australian recruitment market.

5. Test and refine

It’s very important to test your EVP with your target audiences. Will it capture their attention? What resonates most? How do people interpret the key words and messages?

6. Launch

Getting employee buy in to your EVP actually really matters. Take the opportunity to show them the journey and the outcome, ideally in person. Employee advocacy is very powerful.

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What makes for a great Employee Value Proposition?

Most successful EVPs are:

1. Unique

They catch the eye through creative messaging and interesting angles. They avoid platitudes, which most candidates will simply skim past, or which may indicate a lack of identity.

2. Audience-focused

They speak directly to the employee about them and what matters to them. Avoid the classic ‘About us. We we we’ trap.

3. Evidence-based

They are built on meaningful research and engagement, and can easily be justified and illustrated with everyday examples.

4. Authentic

They are true. There’s no over-selling, just openness about the good and the bad. And where there is aspiration or future direction, it’s clearly labeled as such.

5. The start or the heart of a bigger story

They’re not just fancy marketing words. They are the catalyst and the base for storytelling which brings your talent offer to life.

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How Employer Branding Australia can help

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