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Turn your talent opportunity into results through clear strategy and inspired, educated stakeholders

Two huge roadblocks to effective employer branding that converts to results are a clear and accessible strategic plan, and stakeholder engagement and ownership.

Your talent teams MUST be empowered to seize your employer brand and weave it through their talent conversations and the candidate and employee experience.

Your marketing and comms specialists MUST understand and be excited about the role they can play in shaping the future of your organisation and brand through your people.

Your leaders and your hiring / people managers MUST be bought in and educated about the role they need to play in attracting great people and keeping them engaged.

That’s where EBActivate comes in.

Our mantra for stakeholder engagement? Inspire. Educate. Expect.

We offer a series of interactive workshops and work behind the scenes to get your stakeholders engaged, aligned, inspired and empowered to play their part. Our experienced and engaging experts will work with you to tailor sessions and ‘strategy build’ to achieve your desired outcome. No two organisations are the same, so our workshops and processes are customisable to suit your unique talent and stakeholder needs.

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