People-centred storytelling: content planning, creation and marketing

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Tell your story. Bring your talent offer and culture to life, through video, written, visual, digital and live storytelling

Your employer brand, EVP and values are not policy documents, nor are they simply a glossy marketing campaign. You must share your stories, and help your current and future employees see themselves in that story.

EBAmplify brings together talent, brand and marketing strategy with creative, compelling content creation and amplification. We plan and deliver people-centred content that is proven to deliver better talent results by enhancing your ‘talent shopfront’, your conversations in market and the candidate and employee experience.

It’s all about prioritising ‘show’ over ‘tell’ - reinforcing your current team’s decision to join, and helping future candidates to see themselves in your organisation.

The best way to attract great talent? Show them the great people you already have.

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