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Get the Employee Value Proposition you need to attract and retain talent, and become a better place to work WITH your people

Your employer brand is about what makes people want to work for you and bring their best… or not. You don’t own it, but you can shape it and harness it to transform your talent results. A critical tool in achieving this is your employee value proposition (EVP).

And if you want to truly ‘win through your people’, a set of unique, meaningful organisational values can help you shape the culture and behaviours that drive your collective success.

Your EVP and values should never be formed via a briefing meeting and a quick focus group. If you’re going to do it, do it properly.

Our robust, innovative EBArticulate process combines research, insight capture and analysis, with creative brand development. To help you grab hold of your unique EVP and values articulation, we deploy a combination of proven research and engagement techniques, with a strong emphasis on your current people. This process gives our creative, objective specialists the insights and stories they need to develop a brand / cultural device and shared messaging that cut to the heart of your organisation’s talent offer.

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