Want to Grow Your Business? Start Telling Your Stories!

I love a good story. Fiction, non-fiction, drama, comedy, action, even Western - I don’t mind, so long as there are some characters I can relate to, a hook or two to keep it interesting, and it transports me to a different world for a while. Some chocolate on hand helps, too!

But stories aren’t just for entertainment. They’re critical to the functioning of society. Humans have harnessed the power of storytelling for many thousands of years to communicate ideas, warnings, morals, and values. Stories make information easy to understand. And we’re more likely to be impacted by something if it’s communicated in an engaging way.

The most powerful stories are those that make us feel something. They give us a deeper insight, a different perspective. They trigger our emotions and speak to our desires, needs, and even our fears.

Stories compel us to think differently - and they motivate us to act.

That’s why storytelling is so critical for businesses. If you want to nurture a connected team culture, clarify your values, and attract the right talent for the right roles, then start telling some stories!

And where do these stories come from? Your people!

Here are five top reasons why your people’s stories could become your most powerful marketing tool.

1. Stories bring your business to life

Your people give a face to what your business does and what it stands for. Why is this important? Well, when you humanise your company’s values, they’re more likely to believe in you. You nurture their trust in you, inspiring more potential candidates to want to work with you!

2. They show, don’t tell

Did your English teacher ever drum it into you to “show, don’t tell”? Wise words - and they apply to your business. Yes, you can “tell” people you’re a first-class employer, that you provide continuous learning and development opportunities, and that your staff’s wellbeing is your number-one priority. But it is much more meaningful to your audience if you demonstrate these values through your people in their own words.

3. They keep it real

No doubt you’ve heard of “the hero’s journey”. This is a well-used story template where the main character goes on an adventure, faces and overcomes a crisis, and is transformed. The hero’s journey is a popular story structure for good reason: it’s engaging! Why? Because people want to know about others’ struggles, setbacks, and challenges - and how they triumphed. No career journey or role is free of challenges; overcoming them is what makes work so rewarding. By sharing your employee’s challenges, you paint an honest and compelling picture of their journey and your organisation.

4. They make it personal

If there’s one thing people want to see reflected in the stories they read and watch, it’s this: themselves! They want to walk away thinking, “That person is just like me!” When you allow potential candidates to feel that connection with your people through their stories, you make it so much easier for them to visualise working with you.

5. They’re versatile - and cost-effective!

You can share your people stories on so many platforms and in so many ways: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, your website, careers pages, promotional material - the possibilities are endless. And by inspiring more talent to reach out to you, you spend less money on advertising trying to reach them.

Facts speak to the mind, but stories reach our hearts. And when a company uses stories to paint a vibrant, meaningful picture of its values and benefits, it has a much greater ability to influence, inspire, and be remembered.

So, what stories can you share to illustrate your business’s work culture, and inspire people to click “apply”?

If you’d like help turning your authentic people stories into your most powerful marketing tool, email us today at hello@employerbrandingaustralia.com. We can’t wait to work with you!

About the Author

When Lauren Forcey isn’t writing compelling content that amplifies an organisation’s employer brand, you’ll either find her running stupidly long distances or eating snacks. Actually, she’s usually doing both, at once. She’s also a mum, wife, journalist and former small business owner ... and still wrestles with the fame that came with winning the healthy cake baking competition at the Royal Darwin Show one year. As Senior Storyteller at EBA, Lauren uses the power of storytelling to give an authentic insight into the people, values and culture of an organisation, touching hearts and inspiring people to act!

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