How to create a careers page that converts (spoiler alert: it’s through authentic, people-centred storytelling)

If a candidate sees your job ad out in the wild, nine times out of 10, the next step for them to learn more about you is to go to your website. That’s why having a strong careers page is critical in encouraging their next step: to apply.

At EBA, we’ve seen our fair share of great careers pages and not-so-great ones. Here are our three top tips for making yours stand out and, most importantly, converting interested candidates into invested ones.

1. Write for your candidates, not for you

When candidates click on your careers page, it’s with the primary goal of learning about what’s in it for them. So, when the first line they read is, “For 140 years, we've been…” it does the opposite of engaging them. It’s more likely to put them to sleep!

While your history is important, maybe save it for your “About Us” page - candidates care more about your future than your past.

Ensure the language used on your careers page speaks directly to them. As a litmus test, read through your current copy and count the number of times you use the word “we” versus the word “you”. Consider how you could rewrite some of the “we’s” to be more “you” focused.

Your EVP will be a major player in this. Displaying EVP-led copy high on the web page means candidates will immediately see you have a strong value proposition that contains great benefits for them.

Need a hand updating your careers page? Get in touch and we’ll show you how!

2. Once they’re hooked, make applying seamless

Once a candidate has decided they’re interested in joining you, don’t risk losing them by burying your “apply now”’ button down the bottom of a page or through a labyrinth of sub-links. You want them to be able to see an “apply now” or “view current opportunities” link directly in their field of vision to capture them straight away.

If your site capability allows, having this hovering persistently as users scroll is a great way to achieve this. Another is a super-compelling “call to action” at pivotal points on the page.

3. Your people are your most powerful marketing tool

It’s all well and good to say on your careers page something to the effect of… “You’ll get great opportunities to progress your career here.” But you know what’s even more effective? Hearing from Sarah, whose manager saw her potential and supported her to take her first role as a frontline leader.

To say, “You’ll do work that impacts people all over Australia.” But how about reading Madeleine’s story, and seeing firsthand how she’s helped improve children’s hearing health through remote outreach?

Reading true stories of your people is far more powerful and persuasive for candidates than reading a faceless wall of text. It’s all about “show” over “tell” - reinforcing your current team’s decision to join and helping future candidates see themselves in that story.

Need help telling yours? Not to toot our own horn, but we’re pretty good at this stuff. Drop us a line and see how we can help.

About the Author

Amy Brooks is one of our Employer Brand Storytellers, and relishes the opportunity she’s found at EBA to do what she loves most - write. Her background in hospitality and customer service ingrained in her a passion for people, and she aims to bring this to life through evocative and relevant storytelling. Amy is in her final year of a Bachelor of Creative Writing, but when she’s not working or studying, you’ll find her cleaning her apartment (she’s a Virgo), watching the latest LGBTQ+ shows on Netflix, or falling down a rabbit hole of Taylor Swift fan theories.

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